Wednesday, February 25, 2009

30 hours of no food

Yep, I'm serious! Starting tomorrow afternoon, my community service club, the Peer Helpers, and I will be fasting for 30 hours to raise awareness for poverty and hunger around the world. We have also be collecting donations for WorldVision, an organization dedicated to feeding hungry children around the world but lately they have concentrated efforts especially in Africa.

We set a goal of $30 individually but I raised over $100 and there is still two more days before I have to turn it in! I set a goal for myself at $60 because I did this last year but I was lazy and didn't raise any money so this year I wanted to atone for last year. I mostly went to teachers around my own high school and the other middle and elementary schools down the block. It's surprising how generous teachers are; these are some of the poorest schools but the teachers are donating $5, $10, $20; it's shocking.

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