Saturday, February 28, 2009

Food Fight!

Well last night, at around 11, the Peer Helpers and I broke our 30 hour fast. One word: blurry. That's how everyone looked when the food arrived. I can't really talk; when my bacon cheeseburger was delivered in front of me, I zoned out. I'm usually not so ecstatic about IHOP but after 30 hours of not eating anything, everything looks good, even IHOP, and now I know why they are famous for pancakes and burgers.

But seriously those 30 hours were a pain, I have a new perspective now of the world, how do children in underdeveloped countries do it?! And how can we do that to them?! It makes me grateful for what I have, because face it, no matter how bad of a recession we are in or how fucked up the economy is, we are better off than most countries on Earth but at the same time, it makes me mad because I don't know who is helping the starving children. Sigh...

Note to self: save the world.

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