Sunday, March 15, 2009

Latino Film Festival

The Latino Film Festival was so cool! The movies, the whole event, and I got to be apart of it.

Most of the movies were in a foreign language (I was the only Asian there) that I couldn't understand but a couple had subtitles. I saw one movie in another language for about 45 minutes. It was different seeing a movie in another language, I paid attention to more details, lighting, set design, and other stuff. And because I didn't know what they were saying, I paid more attention to what I was shown. I saw The Missing Lynx, an animated film but the best last night was definitely Sleep Dealers, and that's saying a lot because I saw Watchmen that night too. I stayed there till 11:30 to see that movie but it was awesome. It was like The Matrix but more believable because it was set in some far off future and was told from the view of Mexican immigrants. I liked it a lot.

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