Saturday, March 7, 2009

Street Fighter

Today I saw Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun Li at my girlfriends house. It was interesting, the storyline was okay, fighting scenes were cool, but for a Street Fighters movie there was a lot of shooting and gun battles and they did not come close to doing justice to characters from the video game. There's somethings I can let go like some of the characters being different nationalities than their video game counterparts (I'm not that big of a nerd) but with a movie with only about five of the fighters (Bison, Vega, Chun Li, two others one I'm pretty sure but I can remember) you'd think they would at least go all out for them.

The storyline was easy to follow but painfully boring, it transitions weird from one part of the story to another like some of the flashbacks.

One thing that I found particulary cool was the hadoken they did. It looked visually amazing yet new and refreshing; it was more swirly than the one on the video game but it was just annoying how Chun Li does the hadoken, there's too much pre-hadoken hand movements and breathing and concentrating.

If there is a sequel I will not see it.

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