Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday April 29

It was one of those confusing Wednesdays at school.

In AP English, we took practice tests from APEX (what it stands for, does, or mean I have no idea) online, Wilson went to their training on Monday and learned all this stuff and thought it would help. And it did. After I did my diagnostic testing, they organize the type of questions, from tone to rhetoric and some other stuff, and tell you how much of them you got wrong. For some reason, I got a really good score on rhetoric, but the others I will have to focus on.

At the Peer Helper's meeting, we're finally starting recruitment! I'm dying to see who will be the next Peer Helpers. I also talked to Yumi about Idllywild's summer arts camp and the writing courses there. I really want to go, it free, two weeks away from home to do what you love with everything paid for, who wouldn't take that?

I stayed for the volleyball game, we lost but there was free pizza! I also got to workout for the first time in a very long time. I felt stronger on some workouts than I did others, like I felt puny on the bench presses. I don't know, I think I'll try to workout more often in college.

The fun part of today was when Mashari and I went to SDSU for a poetry reading. We got there late because I wasn't paying attention to the clock. When we got there it was pretty full. All the seats were taken and there was a crude line of listeners going out to the front door. We stood and listened for awhile, questioned ourselves whether or not we were in the right place when there was mentionings of dirty words, then amazement that we were. We listened for a little longer then got bored and started walking around the library. SDSU's library is huge and has some much books; it makes me want to think about considering going to SDSU. We went to the magazine section and spent a good 30 minutes there. She was looking at art magazines and I found literary reviews and magazines. I was surprised by how many there were; at least two full rows front and back. After a short debaccle with the elevators (who knew things that only go up and down can be so confusing) we went home.

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