Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tonight and Tomorrow

As I sit here, late at night, typing away at my loaner netbook, and finishing conjugating verbs for Spanish 102 (that for some reason cosmically beyond me I am taking instead of 101), I see how I have wanted this for so long. This is really a dream come true, minus a few luxuries and an other half, but it was one I made real.

I think I have gotten more done in these few days away from home than I have ever done in 17 years with my parents.

The only class that I thoroughly enjoy is my English (109H; Advance First Year Composition) class. From what I have heard, it will be based around the actual writing process, the composition and researching, with a little interpretation. Our first assignment comes tomorrow morning when we are set to have class at U of A's Center of Creative Photography, a nationally recognized photography museum apparently, for analysis of still portraits. I might actually go to bed early but that would be near impossible because of my instinctual unwillingness to go to sleep early. I also enjoy my Comparative Religions class. If I were not bent on an English major, then I would be a science major; if i were not a science major, I would be a religious studies major.

It's somewhere around midnight, I'm sure, which means it's time for homework.

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Cindy said...

Congratulations on making your dream come true!! I'm so happy for you!! And keep in mind that you can always choose a fun minor to go with your English major. :)

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