Friday, December 24, 2010

Ear Discharge

VV Brown
David Bowie
The Black Keys

Friday, December 17, 2010


The night was cold and wet, from the poorly timed sprinklers, when Richard knocked on my door.
"You want a kitten." He said.

She was all black with white belly fur and paws and was sick when Richard found her. She had a runny nose, congestion, wheezing, and a sneezed a lot. She was intrigued by the chlorine-blue of the water in the pool so she skulked to the edge where she either unknowingly inched in or slipped. Shivering and with a wall of water rushing down her face, she dragged herself back out. I decided to keep her till I could deliver her to a shelter, for her well-being, for the image Richard had of me, and for a companion for myself.

Unaware of her gender at the time, I named her Robin. I figured if it was a boy people would assume I named her after Batman's sidekick but if it was a girl people would think its cute naming a cat after a small, edible bird. I noticed Robin had a sixth digit on her right hand; I saw a claw protruding in between her thumb and index, how interesting. Like a stray, Robin didn't eat cat food right away, exposed her claws whenever picked her up, and was wide awake when I was asleep at night. But she was also friendly, playful, and enjoyed my company. I gave her to the Pima County Animal Care Center today, where she will hopefully find a better home. But just to make sure, I'll stop by in the future, to say hi.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seven Pennies

While waiting for a bus in the morning, a man walking by asked me, "Do you have seven pennies I can have."

"No, I don't." I answered.

"Thank you, sorry for bothering you." He replied sincerely.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sadness Right About Now

My parents want me to come to San Diego for Christmas. I don't really feel like being around my parents for a month or being in San Diego but I do feel like mooching video game money from them and seeing Mashari.

I shall be taking a General Technical Writing class at community next semester. I've always wondered what exactly technical writing was. For the first time, I have the chance to learn all the things I've never had the chance to learn.

Trying to get my hands on a collection of poems written by Giacomo Leopardi . I was told his pessimism would be enthralling.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


'A' reads well but is shy; her favorite book is Clifford the Small Puppy. 'J' likes dinosaurs but can't pronounce their names among other words. I haven't met 'V' yet. I am a "reading coach" for Reading Seed of Tucson, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tucson. According to Reading Seed's latest newsletter, nine elementary schools closed over the past summer in Tucson Unified. Every Tuesday I take two buses to Lilian Cavett Elementary School where 300 young ones learn the basics of reading and writing and walk through tiled halls leaking out the smell of cafeteria chicken.

The John and Vicki Click Clubhouse sits sandwiched in between two elementary school. Power hour is an hour of quiet time in the library room where kids can do their homework and get rewarded with free snacks. There are usually 30-50 kids and five adults giving attention to fake criers, doling out simple directions, pretending to enjoy chess with 3rd graders, and realizing these kids no higher than 5th grade will be smarter than him soon due to the length of the words on their vocabulary sheets and exponents in their math problems. Good luck, but I bet they won't ever know the glorious figures that is the boy-band NSync.

How could I ever, and why did I, call Tucson my home and not do anything to make it better? 

The neighborhood I live in currently reminds me too much of the one I grew up in. I want to teach kids that pre-conditions don't become aftermaths. I lived in a neighborhood where deadbeats were prevalent but I realized I didn't have to join them, nor would living in a neighborhood filled with lawyers mean I would have to prosecute. A benefit of being antisocial, among many, many, (many) others, is the time I have to myself to think, get to know myself, and what I want for myself. I don't understand how people are always seemingly at odds with their conscience, I think it's weird that I always walk slow yet I hate standing around waiting for the bus, I can't stand the egotism of Shakespeare, and above all, I hate the stylization, but not the sexualization, being forced on vampires. And I want to do all the things I want to do. Play music, have a personal library, go to Mardi Gras and Carnaval, and above all, learn all the interesting things the world has to offer. I was too big for where I lived, like a puzzle piece that doesn't fit. I keep moving like a story that continues past its book.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Library Card To Rule Them All

I have a dishwasher here so there's no need for me to go to the laundromat. Get my work clothes clean for tomorrow and cooking supplies clean for dinner.

After a webinar on federal internship, I want to see what I can do and where I can go. The ideal place for me would be the Library of Congress. How I would walk down the 750 miles of bookshelves gazing at each passing work of literary art. Sure, I wouldn't enjoy D.C., the politicians and suits and ties, but the Library.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I've got no judgment for you

Ache With Me by Against Me

I've walked down high streets looking through windows.
I've been lost in crowds of strangers.
Searched record shops and cosmetic aisles, phone books, want ads, bus stops and libraries.
Newspaper headlines, mannequin faces, television stations, billboard advertisements.
Your voice echoes in the back of my mind.
I see your face when I close my eyes.

Do you share the same sense of defeat?
Have you realized all the things you'll never be?
Ideals turn to resentment, open minds close up with cynicism.
I've got no judgment for you.
Come on and ache with me.

Through bar rooms, caf├ęs, jail cells and court rooms.
Theaters, restaurants, graveyards and churches.
I've spent every dollar that I've ever earned.
I'll bleed my heart out, I'll give every word.
I've asked preachers, doctors and lawyers, socialites, pariahs, mothers and fathers.
You may not find all that you're after, in the end I hope it doesn't matter.

Do you share the same sense of defeat?
Have you realized all the things you'll never be?
Ideals turn to resentment, open minds close up with cynicism.
I've got no judgment for you.
Come on and ache with me.

Do you share the same sense of defeat?
Have you realized all the things you'll never be?
I've got no judgement for you.
Come on and ache with me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hemingway at a Bus Stop

She wasn't my usual acquaintance but she was interested and interesting. I wish I would have been.

“Hi, do you know what time the bus gets here?

“Oh, it's cool. The bus has a different schedule on the weekends, so I don't know either.”
The sun didn't have the patience to wait for the 17 bus but this woman and I did. She had more patience for this particular bus, I just had more time to wait for any bus I would find myself to take. Her long-sleeved over shirt and drab sweatpants seemed to coexist with nightfall but her aged face seemed forced, well befitting of the stories she told, the wisdom she had, the tumultuous battles splashed with overcomes; but not of the discoveries she still yearned for or the curiousness that brought her to this bus stop and me.

“So do you go to high school?”

She looked down, saw my school's emblem and the fighting colors of my shorts, and realized before I told her.

“Oh cool, what are you majoring in?

“Yeah, I love reading too. My favorite is Ernest Hemingway. He wrote a novel called “To Have and Have Not.” It's my favorite. And then they made a movie based on it and it had Humphrey Bogart in it.

“Yeah it is. It was made in 1944, I mean I wasn't around when it first came out, I'm not that old. But yeah anything with Humphrey is pretty old.”

I really wish the bus would get here already, I want to go home; maybe go for a swim or play basketball.

“And then a guy named Gregory Peck was in another movie based on a Hemingway novel. It was really good too.”
I wondered why she wasn't in some classroom with other studious gabs. She could be with them, talking to them.
“I've thought about going back to community or maybe online or something but my schedule's all over the place—I'm a nanny for this one family, their days are always different. I don't know how I would fit in school.

“Yeah weekend classes could work, maybe morning or night classes...I have a bunch of friends at the U of A and Pima who go everywhere and do cool things. Like one of my friends at Pima—she's Native American like me—she helped her tribe get some land in court a few weeks ago and when she told me about it I was just in awe. That was so cool.”

I hate waiting. There's a phone number on the bus stop sign.

“You're not calling that number on the sign are you? They close early on the weekend.”
Her cellphone rang quietly and a soft hello was uttered. She ambled out of listening range. Within moments, none of which saw the arrival of the bus, she returned.

“A bunch of my friends want to go to The Loft to see some classic French movie but I don't think I'm gonna go I don't have $9 to get in.”

This encounter is starting to get personal. I think I'm sweating.

“Have you heard of F. Scott Fitzgerald? I've heard a lot about him but I never read anything of his. Like “The Great Gatsby.” Some of my friends got me tickets to a play based on it but I still wanna read the book.

“I think a senior class at my high school read it too but I didn't get too far in high school.

“Really? I saw that movie, didn't know he wrote it. Benjamin Button was a really good movie though.
“Are you Japanese?”

Are you going to watch the news tonight? Do you know about the election? Are you registered to vote? Who are you voting for? Whose toupee do you think will fall off first? How much wind would it take to blow someone's wig off?

“Oh Vietnamese huh. My brother has two Japanese children, both girls, because he was in the army and y'know he was stationed in Okinawa. Beautiful city by the way.

“I hope they do, it would be a shame for anyone not to know their dad, cause I didn't.”

She scoffs. Her voice becomes somber and deeper but still audible like the roar of a launching rocket.

“It was actually pretty hard on my mom to look after me and my two brothers. And none of them had anyone to teach them how to take care of a girl—it's why they both sleep around and have babies everywhere. But y'know I tried to help out wherever I could, babysat my brothers, whatever, cooked, clean. I think that's the bus.”

Oh, finally! She got on first and we sat in different seats. The bus drive apologized roughly at every stop for being so late but never explained why or what had happened. After a few more apologies in the night, she got off at the stop before mine through the back door. I would eventually arrive home at long last.

Monday, October 11, 2010

So Much For Checklists

I'm in my new place now with the cheapest internet I could find, no furniture, and another room I have no use for.

Take a look.

I can't believe Superfriends was allowed to air. I've never found Batman so unbearable in my life, it's sad; a moment of silence for the dark knight.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

You'd Be Home If You Lived Here

This apartment is getting a little too pricey so I'm going to be moving to a new home soon. After visiting a few apartments I can safely say all landlords are assholes, in some way, shape, or form, they're just cold assholes. It's understandable that it's a business but it's also where people live, where they go home after work everyday, where they feel safe, a little empathy would go a long way. Especially you off campus "student housing."

Today, the movie I've been waiting for will premiere on TV. Sharktopus. Syfy is gloriously unmatchable.

Friday, September 24, 2010

He Wants To

He was supposed to make it because he wanted to
He was going to have it all because he never had anything,
The flower that grew,
The thin air that became something;
Thinking life was within his grip,
Bursting with radiant colors, him an inexperienced shade of gray,
But that was the day,
He knew he would never go back, where life
had not yet flip,
Where walls felt like salted guillotines.
The unmistakable signs:
He can't make it an inch without a yards worth of deprivation,
For every room of victory, there would be a building to meet him with resistance.
It wasn't his time,
He can't stay, not here,
Still wandering and figuring,
He is, and as long as he wants to be, independent.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not A Loneliness To Speak Of

I do not fear being alone,
not while I question my decisions now,
not when I lay exposed foundations tomorrow;
once again, I'm done.

I am not alone, if only I could cry
You would believe me than.
I want to picture the picket fence,
And the eyes I always tried to keep dry...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Everything's flowing like water and not stuck like Jello. Still have to wait for an update before everything is final.

I'm pumped for football. Can't wait till the Chargers start playing and Arizona plays later today. Also got me a new wireless keyboard and mouse because I spilled water on my old keyboard; all for under $30 thanks to Amazon. Still have not had the chance to eat KFC's double down.

Read a chapter of Native Son by Richard Wright the other day, already great stuff not unlike Raisin in the Sun.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello Long Haired Leo

Is Spin really selling a years subscription for $1?

I don't have classes, don't have work today, and Mashari's visiting family back in San Diego. It's just me and daytime AMC, Little Miss Sunshine just ended, now I'm watching Gangs of New York. I've wanted a break from school but I hate how it wasn't my decision.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Journey's Over

My read through of The Journey to the West is at a stand still for now.

These last few days have been the toughest time of my life. A slew of financial aid issues drove me to a dramatic and desperate mindset. It was like those parts of Scooby Doo where everyone's in a hallway of doors, running in and out of room looking for something but only coming out chasing what they weren't expecting, a random chaos wasting energy. I have a plan now though, nothing like some kind of direction to put things in a perspective.

Just to illustrate how horrible it's been, I haven't played any video games since Monday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Men and Dogs

If there was really a tree of money and a dog saw it, the dog would urinate on it.
If a man saw that same tree, he would strip it down very quickly, with a grin on his face.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You Haven't Seen A House Till You've Seen It in 3D

I'm learning how to make 3d models on a program called Gmax. It feels like when I first started learning Photoshop.

That's the Simpsons' house if you don't know. Don't be fooled by the colors, those are defaults, I shall texture them soon to look realer than you or me.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rocketship Plz

I used to think California was pretty epic, but now that I've been out here in Arizona for almost a year now: California doesn't deliver all that it's hyped to be. A lot of people think it's the place to be, or maybe it's just the way and specific location I grew up in, but it's not all that it's cracked up to be.

Is the U.S.?

I'm so bored of everything now. I've been in school for far too long, it's nowhere near my top priority anymore at the end of the day, tired of everything about it really. Being challenged starts with having the energy and tolerance to meet up with it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Shark Week Is My Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream

I saw Toy Story 3, Inception, and Despicable Me on Saturday. I bet Andy is majoring in Family Studies.

This is my first Shark Week. Well, right now I'm watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia; I'll learn in awe later.

Still reading Journey to the West, but now I'm half way through volume two; only two and a half more volumes to go (approx. 1000 pages in total to go).

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reasons Why Swords Are Better Than Guns

After a day's worth of Lord of the Rings, I've been enlightened. If you are close enough to hack someone with a sword, you're close enough to kill them. Swords require no ammunition; only dependent on your own stamina and cunning. A skillful swordsman would separate the gun from whomever it is he's up against. And an inexperienced swordsman would most likely run around frantically, waiting till all bullets are fired, the quiet breath, before lunging. In either of those situations, an accurate or beginning marksman would not return home, regardless of weapon variety, range, or rate of fire. A shotgun calls for close quarters, a more beneficial situation for the swordsman. Rifles have various reload times from a few seconds to an eternity, a deadly chink for someone with a weapon cutting through air. Automatic weapons fire small bullets that can be deflected by the steel of the sword or protected by cover, in this case, a shield would be extremely helpful with either though not necessary. Accurate or not, a trigger outright fails to a hilt. If you want a fair match, imagine a marksman and a swordsman with one weapon of choice; the swordsman would have his sword while the marksman would have a firearm, any of your choosing, but with only one bullet. Sounds fair if we are talking only one weapon.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All or Nothing

Why is it the further away I am from them and the more I try to be independent the more I need my parent's?

It infuriates me that 2/3 of the questions on the FAFSA is about how much my parent's make when I am the one going to college. And especially 2/3 of my financial aid is a loan for parent's—which they can't even get because of their credit history. Is it a a grand stretch to put some responsibility on me and not the people I don't call, see, live near, or need? C'mon you can trust me!

I still wonder what it would be like now if I went to NAU, I remember they called me to make sure I understood financial aid and asked me how else I would need them, they had current students send me letters about stuff to do on campus.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweating all over the place

Journey to the West finally came into the library. I love libraries. It was 111 degrees when I went.

When I was a little kid I watched an Asian TV series based on Journey to the West and then an animated one about it came out for a short time.


Along the line of flimsy motels,
Scorching ripples of heat
Above canyons and dips eager for water,
Desert of concrete and dry,
Bravado ants scurry:
Two strangers stagger by
A cactus the median
He looks. She looks by.
Looking. Walking. Bye.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Was Asked "To Be Or Not To Be," I answered "Ahh There Is The Rub"

and he looked at me puzzled and said "what?" and walked away laughing and shaking his head, "oh Hoc you're funny."

I have to work near full-time hours this week. Last week too. Twenty-nine hours last week. And 27 this week.

I’m listening to an album with the subtitle “Most Interesting Person in the World” and reading the poems of Allan Ginsberg, who might be The World’s Most Interesting Person. He believed in sexual equality, opposed materialism and militarism. "Howl" depicts hetero and homosexual intercourse. He was also a part of the National Man/Boy Love Association, an organization promoting consensual relations between an adult (18 and older) and a minor (younger than 18). Dam.

What if Pokemon continued forever, even after releasing 12 movies and in production of another, 12 seasons of tv episodes, 4 generation of video games and a 5th in production, and 493 different Pokemon, what if they kept growing indefinitely? I’d have to get more money, somehow.

For anyone still wondering, I am not coming home anytime soon. A, my home is now here in Tucson. B, until my sister starts dating I have no reason to come home and I can see everyone on their Facebook pages. And C, I have no ride or the means to do it. I do miss the carne asada fries though; nobody here makes them for some unknown and intolerable reason. Someone send me some.

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Like Football But With Only Your Feet

Woke up feeling really groggy and hungry. I love toast with sugar on top. I took one of those 5-hour energy drinks, tastes terribe, but I have a 5-hour work shift: currently half an hour through it. I have a feeling that energy drinks are purely psychological; you think you'll be full of energy after drinking one so you kind of trick yourself into being full of energy after drinking an energy drink. But then again there is a ton of caffeine in this 5-hour energy.

So, soccer is finally about to become mainstream in the U.S. this year huh? What happened last year when it was supposedly going to be big in the U.S.? Or every other year this decade?

I finished Christ Versus Arizona, never thought I would be so enthralled with experimental writing as I was with CVA.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


While making eggs this morning, my finger accidentally grazed the edge of the skillet. It burned and was painful. Now there's a burn mark on it. Do burn marks go away? I see people with burn marks on their face and they're still carrying them around.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jule Vernes!! Where Are You When I Need You

Today I was called in by the legal adviser in our office to witness someone signing their will, apparently you have to have one present to observe that you are sane.

Incoming freshmans are on on-campus today for Freshman Orientation. Everyone in the office is out to either speak at a presentation there or setting something up.

Found out today someone named Frank Beddor wrote and is still writing a series of books that are complete rip offs of Lewis Caroll's Alice In Woderland stories. He's calling them, or his publishers are calling them, not like it matters much, a challenge to "Carrollian Wonderland assumptions of tea parties, dormice and a curious little blonde girl to reveal an epic, cross dimensional saga of love, murder, betrayal, revenge and the endless war for Imagination." And the back of the hardcover copy read's something along the lines of "a new modern twisted look at Alice in Wonderland." Worst of all, this was found in the sci fi section of my bookstore. I hate to admit it but some of the lamest and stupidest writers on Earth are sci fi writers.

Currently reading an incredible piece of experimental literature. Christ Versus Arizona by Camilo Jose Cela takes place during the Mexican Revolution in Arizona and tells the story of a town; entirely in one sentence. Maybe not entirely, I haven't read all of it yet but I've knocked out 170 pages out of 260 and still no periods or sentence completions.
Next up: Asian Lit—Journey to the West

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm So Ready For This Semester To End/Look At Me Now

In between my classes, part-time job, part-time internship, and club meetings, I've done this thing called life; pretty well if I may add. I got an angry account balance that I'll have to work well into the summer to pay off, which will mean no summer classes or priority registration for me, woop-di-doo. I'm moving into an apartment with Mashari in May so I got rent to stave off. I'm applying to be a club advocate at ASUA, the student government here, after a year of being a front desk assistant, and a library assistant because working in a library may just be in my future.

Persona's unveiling of this year's issue is tomorrow!

I caught myself swagging to class today—I don't think I'll ever go back to walking. Life is mellifluously going by and I'm not missing anything. I owe it to my logic: there's always time to study but time to do nothing is rare.

I'm doing what I set out to do. I'm proving my parents wrong for assuming my chances were abysmal. I'm not letting anyone define me because even in college, with a major, I'm still defining myself. I'm grinding through the rocks and crevices on my own steam, now that's firepower.

Was reading: Superheroes and Super Egos—a half history of comic books and half psychological look at them (did you know Sigmund Freud died the same day the first Superman comic premiered?),
Reading: Collected Works of Ezra Pound, Pikachu's Global Adventure, Becoming Batman—a physiological look at Batman and how a body has to work to be Batman

Ezra Pound is quickly becoming the greatest writer I've ever read. I love and completely agree with his logic that all writing should be written as if you were discovering it for the first time, a truth you're just coming upon, an epiphany occurring right before your eyes and at your fingertips, and condemning writing in past tense. "If the verb is put in the past tense there is very little to be said about this matter. The artist is always beginning. Any work of art which is not a beginning, an invention, a discovery, is of little worth."

Saturday, April 3, 2010

There's Strapped For Cash And Than There's Me

more like bondage. I'm a strong believer in 'money comes and goes' and putting more important things above money but right now I would really enjoy having a handful of it.

Think I shall write a poem about it.

Reading: Ezra Pound: Early Writings, The Collected Poems: Lyrical and Narrative of Mary Robinson (Madame Duclaux)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Do Declare

The Tucson Festival of Books took place here this weekend. Tons of middle aged people and housewives walking around with dogs but secretly have dozens of cats at home. I found War and Peace and 1984 in a used book sale for $7 in total. I'm most likely never going to finish War and Peace but I'll be reading 1984 when I work 40 hours over spring break week starting tomorrow.

I went to a class in which a published author talked about her experiences in publishing and writing books. I remember she advocated submitting your manuscript to one of the New York publishers (Random House, Harper-Collins, etc) but as an intern at the UA Press I disagreed with that. The publishing process with small university presses are much more rigorous; they send manuscripts to professionals in the field, fiction and nonfiction, and the manuscripts go through numerous drafts. University are as if not more rigorous to publish through than the conglomerate publishers, meaning that as your book is going through publication and when it is finally published people already know about it. Not just any people though, professionals and peers, people you want reading your book not just random readers who may not notice all the finer points of your book. Thinking about this, there are many other reasons I would advocate for smaller academic press but I need to play some video games and enjoy my spring break.

I'm also looking at minors; I'm thinking linguistics or religious studies. I thought UA had library science too but I don't think they do anymore.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I Predict Reinvention

I grew up on two things: TV and music. I remember watching basic cable on my TV and thinking that this was all the programming there was in the world. I remember listening to the radio and believing this is the best music has to offer. And sure, I occasionally watched Sesame Street or the news and listened to talk radio, but I always flipped it back to my favorite respective stations with shows chockfull of zany zingers and catchy-sounding songs.
Nothing kept my interest as hard as I tried. Every few days I would scooter to a video rental place my dad always went to and rent a movie under new releases. I’ll always remember the first time I saw two, Anaconda and An Inconvienent Truth; the latter because it was actually pretty entertaining and showed me PBS didn't have a death vice of boredom on everything educational and Anaconda because the first thing you see in the movie is lesbian sex which was epic for me because I was around twelve at the time. My dad also had a DVD of Woodstock '99—which had flashes of boobies. Opening scene was Jame Brown. I remember seeing Alannis Morrisette, Rage Against the Machines, The Roots, and Sheryl Crow perform and thinking they were boring. However, I thought Insane Clown Posse was great, causing a regrettable addiction to "dimented hip hop" for a few years.
Then movies lost their touch with me. To compensate, I began staying up to watch late night shows; Conan O'Brien was funnier than Leno even back then. And every Saturday night there would be a debate between watching Saturday Night Live or Mad TV. Mad TV would usually win; back then they had a guy that did a hilarious impression of Shaq and another guy that did John Madden; Shaq would make jokes and accusations about Kobe and Madden would make infomercials for food, buckets of chicken usually. Of course, looking back on this I'm wondering what I was thinking in making these choices—except the one about Conan. Rage Against the Machines and The Roots were as much musicians as they were social commentators, Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live have outplayed competition for a combined 76 years (SNL premiered on the same day as my birthday by the way), and Insane Clown Posse?! Really?! Looking back on those years definitely brings up an earth shattering WTF?! But then again, looking back on the “me last year” also brings up a huge WTF?! Why didn’t I realize the genius of Jimi Hendrix sooner? And as a writer, looking into my old pieces reminds me of looking into a dumpster.
There comes a time in every jittery man’s life where he must jumble himself and everything he holds to be true together and unravel completely altered. I tell myself it'll happen again like a weatherman tells everyone to have their umbrellas ready. This constant reinventing is who I am. I would still be doing the same things as I did in the past, last month, or yesterday if I didn’t suddenly look up and think to myself, “why am I doing this?” or “what else is there I could be doing?”
As likely as a weatherman can predict rain, I wonder if I'll ever settle. Change is a constant in my life, I’m bound to transform sooner or later and I wouldn’t have it any other way, or at least until I get free time.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mashari Told Me To Blog

Today was a lazy Saturday, it was raining, and VH1 was running its series "Best of..." about the 80s and 90s. I like video games a lot. For me, it's like: you'll always have time to study but opportunites to do nothing and play video games are rare. Has anyone seen the Olympics? Yeah me neither. I did catch the opening ceremony which was pretty interesting for the Winter Olympics. And what about that new "We Are The World" video? As a music enthusiast and constant critic of the arts, it was garbage. Justin Bieber?? Is he even in high school yet? Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne make me cringe. Good thing I have my LastFm and their amazing library of music to cancel out pop trash. I also gave blood a couple days ago. It was red.