Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Do Declare

The Tucson Festival of Books took place here this weekend. Tons of middle aged people and housewives walking around with dogs but secretly have dozens of cats at home. I found War and Peace and 1984 in a used book sale for $7 in total. I'm most likely never going to finish War and Peace but I'll be reading 1984 when I work 40 hours over spring break week starting tomorrow.

I went to a class in which a published author talked about her experiences in publishing and writing books. I remember she advocated submitting your manuscript to one of the New York publishers (Random House, Harper-Collins, etc) but as an intern at the UA Press I disagreed with that. The publishing process with small university presses are much more rigorous; they send manuscripts to professionals in the field, fiction and nonfiction, and the manuscripts go through numerous drafts. University are as if not more rigorous to publish through than the conglomerate publishers, meaning that as your book is going through publication and when it is finally published people already know about it. Not just any people though, professionals and peers, people you want reading your book not just random readers who may not notice all the finer points of your book. Thinking about this, there are many other reasons I would advocate for smaller academic press but I need to play some video games and enjoy my spring break.

I'm also looking at minors; I'm thinking linguistics or religious studies. I thought UA had library science too but I don't think they do anymore.