Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Was Asked "To Be Or Not To Be," I answered "Ahh There Is The Rub"

and he looked at me puzzled and said "what?" and walked away laughing and shaking his head, "oh Hoc you're funny."

I have to work near full-time hours this week. Last week too. Twenty-nine hours last week. And 27 this week.

I’m listening to an album with the subtitle “Most Interesting Person in the World” and reading the poems of Allan Ginsberg, who might be The World’s Most Interesting Person. He believed in sexual equality, opposed materialism and militarism. "Howl" depicts hetero and homosexual intercourse. He was also a part of the National Man/Boy Love Association, an organization promoting consensual relations between an adult (18 and older) and a minor (younger than 18). Dam.

What if Pokemon continued forever, even after releasing 12 movies and in production of another, 12 seasons of tv episodes, 4 generation of video games and a 5th in production, and 493 different Pokemon, what if they kept growing indefinitely? I’d have to get more money, somehow.

For anyone still wondering, I am not coming home anytime soon. A, my home is now here in Tucson. B, until my sister starts dating I have no reason to come home and I can see everyone on their Facebook pages. And C, I have no ride or the means to do it. I do miss the carne asada fries though; nobody here makes them for some unknown and intolerable reason. Someone send me some.

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Cindy said...

I'm busy trying to figure out how to get carne asada fries in the mailbox...

We missed you at graduation on Friday and will miss you even more at the PH party on Wed. Be well, my friend.

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