Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jule Vernes!! Where Are You When I Need You

Today I was called in by the legal adviser in our office to witness someone signing their will, apparently you have to have one present to observe that you are sane.

Incoming freshmans are on on-campus today for Freshman Orientation. Everyone in the office is out to either speak at a presentation there or setting something up.

Found out today someone named Frank Beddor wrote and is still writing a series of books that are complete rip offs of Lewis Caroll's Alice In Woderland stories. He's calling them, or his publishers are calling them, not like it matters much, a challenge to "Carrollian Wonderland assumptions of tea parties, dormice and a curious little blonde girl to reveal an epic, cross dimensional saga of love, murder, betrayal, revenge and the endless war for Imagination." And the back of the hardcover copy read's something along the lines of "a new modern twisted look at Alice in Wonderland." Worst of all, this was found in the sci fi section of my bookstore. I hate to admit it but some of the lamest and stupidest writers on Earth are sci fi writers.

Currently reading an incredible piece of experimental literature. Christ Versus Arizona by Camilo Jose Cela takes place during the Mexican Revolution in Arizona and tells the story of a town; entirely in one sentence. Maybe not entirely, I haven't read all of it yet but I've knocked out 170 pages out of 260 and still no periods or sentence completions.
Next up: Asian Lit—Journey to the West

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