Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All or Nothing

Why is it the further away I am from them and the more I try to be independent the more I need my parent's?

It infuriates me that 2/3 of the questions on the FAFSA is about how much my parent's make when I am the one going to college. And especially 2/3 of my financial aid is a loan for parent's—which they can't even get because of their credit history. Is it a a grand stretch to put some responsibility on me and not the people I don't call, see, live near, or need? C'mon you can trust me!

I still wonder what it would be like now if I went to NAU, I remember they called me to make sure I understood financial aid and asked me how else I would need them, they had current students send me letters about stuff to do on campus.


Cindy said...

You can go into the financial aid office and explain that your parents are not supporting you financially. They can help you to change your status so that you are considered an independent student. You would just need to get a couple people to write letters for you (Me, Mr. Shaw) explaining your situation. Let me know if you need our help!

Hoc Huynh said...

they said i have to live in arizona for at least 2 years before i can be declared as an in state student for in state tuition.

Cindy said...

But don't you get in-state tuition through WUEE (or whatever that acronym is)??

Hoc Huynh said...

No UA doesn't do that. They were pretty good with financial aid last year, I went through it without an entire plus loan but I'm just not sure if I'll be as lucky this year.

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