Saturday, September 25, 2010

You'd Be Home If You Lived Here

This apartment is getting a little too pricey so I'm going to be moving to a new home soon. After visiting a few apartments I can safely say all landlords are assholes, in some way, shape, or form, they're just cold assholes. It's understandable that it's a business but it's also where people live, where they go home after work everyday, where they feel safe, a little empathy would go a long way. Especially you off campus "student housing."

Today, the movie I've been waiting for will premiere on TV. Sharktopus. Syfy is gloriously unmatchable.

Friday, September 24, 2010

He Wants To

He was supposed to make it because he wanted to
He was going to have it all because he never had anything,
The flower that grew,
The thin air that became something;
Thinking life was within his grip,
Bursting with radiant colors, him an inexperienced shade of gray,
But that was the day,
He knew he would never go back, where life
had not yet flip,
Where walls felt like salted guillotines.
The unmistakable signs:
He can't make it an inch without a yards worth of deprivation,
For every room of victory, there would be a building to meet him with resistance.
It wasn't his time,
He can't stay, not here,
Still wandering and figuring,
He is, and as long as he wants to be, independent.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not A Loneliness To Speak Of

I do not fear being alone,
not while I question my decisions now,
not when I lay exposed foundations tomorrow;
once again, I'm done.

I am not alone, if only I could cry
You would believe me than.
I want to picture the picket fence,
And the eyes I always tried to keep dry...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Everything's flowing like water and not stuck like Jello. Still have to wait for an update before everything is final.

I'm pumped for football. Can't wait till the Chargers start playing and Arizona plays later today. Also got me a new wireless keyboard and mouse because I spilled water on my old keyboard; all for under $30 thanks to Amazon. Still have not had the chance to eat KFC's double down.

Read a chapter of Native Son by Richard Wright the other day, already great stuff not unlike Raisin in the Sun.