Friday, December 24, 2010

Ear Discharge

VV Brown
David Bowie
The Black Keys

Friday, December 17, 2010


The night was cold and wet, from the poorly timed sprinklers, when Richard knocked on my door.
"You want a kitten." He said.

She was all black with white belly fur and paws and was sick when Richard found her. She had a runny nose, congestion, wheezing, and a sneezed a lot. She was intrigued by the chlorine-blue of the water in the pool so she skulked to the edge where she either unknowingly inched in or slipped. Shivering and with a wall of water rushing down her face, she dragged herself back out. I decided to keep her till I could deliver her to a shelter, for her well-being, for the image Richard had of me, and for a companion for myself.

Unaware of her gender at the time, I named her Robin. I figured if it was a boy people would assume I named her after Batman's sidekick but if it was a girl people would think its cute naming a cat after a small, edible bird. I noticed Robin had a sixth digit on her right hand; I saw a claw protruding in between her thumb and index, how interesting. Like a stray, Robin didn't eat cat food right away, exposed her claws whenever picked her up, and was wide awake when I was asleep at night. But she was also friendly, playful, and enjoyed my company. I gave her to the Pima County Animal Care Center today, where she will hopefully find a better home. But just to make sure, I'll stop by in the future, to say hi.